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Combating Terrorism

Combating Terrorism Terrorism is a global threat influencing the attitude and behavior of a target group by threatening - or carrying out - devastating actions. These actions, as we have seen, can and do include the use of conventional weapons, biological, chemical, or nuclear agents.

Today's terrorism also threatens our economic and information resources. Our vulnerability to terrorist attacks expands with our growing reliance on information technologies. Increased access to information and the centralization of vital components of local, national, and global infrastructure threaten both local and national security.

Investigating today's terrorist groups requires inter-agency communication and collaboration. It is essential that law enforcement agencies and task forces be able to collect and analyze data from multiple data sources in order to monitor, penetrate, infiltrate, and prevent terrorist activity. Terrorism is a premeditated act that requires detectable preparations including money transfers, material purchases and personnel movement. Intelligence works against terrorism.

"Actionable intelligence is essential for preventing acts of terrorism. The timely and thorough analysis and dissemination of information about terrorists and their activities will improve the government's ability to disrupt and prevent terrorist acts and to provide useful warning to the private sector and our population." - President George W. Bush as quoted in "The Department of Homeland Security" from

The Raytheon Visual Analytics Incorporated Solution
Data Clarity® is specifically designed to retrieve information from varied formats and sources to expose hidden activity and behavior patterns.

Using Data Clarity's advanced information retrieval capabilities to extract information from multiple data sources simultaneously, along with its powerful data mining, visualization and analysis capabilities, the Raytheon Visual Analytics Incorporated solution allows you to:

  Identify Relationships - uncover interactions and relationships between terrorist groups and their members.

  Link Group Members - understand formal and informal organizational structures.

  Connect Networks - expose connections between group members, outside individuals, other organizations, locations, facilities and communication networks.

  Expose Group Operations - show shared assets, materials and supplies for carrying out terrorist missions.

  Track Technologies - track different types of technologies used as components for manufacturing terrorist weapons.

  Understand Behaviors - track and analyze group behaviors for early detection of potential threats.

  Assess Vulnerabilities - evaluate funding resources, recruiting methods, communication networks, storage facilities and other resources to uncover potential vulnerabilities.

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